3 W Trading System

3 W



1st W is stand for  When to trade.

2nd W is stand for where to look


3rd W is stand for what to look.

In this system we will use candlestick chart not line chart nor the bar chart.
We use candlestick chart why because the candlestick give us more
information than the bar chart and we can visualize it far better than bar chart.


Bullish candle
We have a bullish candle in this picture.Here you can see it open and close above the price level so we got a bullish candle. Candlestick also show us high or low of
the price on that timeframe.

We have a bearish candlestick in this picture.
Here you can see it open and close below the price level.

So we got a bearish candle. Candlestick also show us high or low of
the price on that time frame.

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Now let’s see a bar chart
Now let’s see same chart with candle stick

You can see there are much more information than simple bar chart so why choose bar chart where you can have a candle stick chart because it is much
easier to take trade decision on candle sick chart .Price action –
For this system we are looking for candlestick pattern a kind of pin bar or a doji type structure if you are not familiar with this price action here.

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