A trading plan is what you use to reach your goal amount , it’s what guarantees you of the arrival to your journey , it’s like a GPS it guides you on what you need to do , what turns you must take and how you are going to reach your desired destination.

This is how your trading plan will work with the strategy that I will give you , firstly you must have your goal amount which you wish to make then we must work out how we are going to reach that amount according to your initial investment. There is a system plan that I will introduce that works wonders if followed correctly.

The first step is to double your initial investment or the money that you start trading with, then double again your doubled investment then keep doubling until you reach your goal amount, see below-

Suppose you were to begin with 500$ and you wanted to make 20 000$
Your initial investment : 500$
Goal amount : 20 000$
So we must compile the first trading plan with
Doubling 500$ to 1000$


500$ ->> 1 000$
1 000$ ->> 2 000$
2 000$ ->> 4 000$
4 000$ ->> 8 000$
8 000$ ->> 16 000$
16 000$ ->> 20 000$

You have reached your goal amount and each step requires its trading plan to double the amount.
Because there has to be changes made according to the size of the account, so every time you double your account a new trading plan has to be compiled.
In the next step I will break it down on how you can double your account with a simple system.

Secondly your trading plan should be time based , you should have a due date on when you wish to have attained that particular amount.
Attached with this book is a trading plan template for you to fill out and use for trading, the template is Designed by Trade Floor Financial Institute you can use this trading plan as your first guide. Fill the trading plan after you are done with the program.

Now before I continue with teaching you the ultimate strategy you need to realize that you are about to be in possession of a very valuable piece of information and with this strategy you will immediately change your trading experience and eventually start seeing good progress.

If by chance you see yourself ignoring and disregarding any instruction or step that is supposed to be followed, this powerful winning formula will not work properly therefore carefully follow each step and instruction the way it has been set out and it will surely
produce the results that it’s supposed to yield out.

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