How you identify a trader who will make profit without any risk for your future. Is he eligible to make profit for you when you follow him/her?

Solution is here 

Criteria of safe and profitable trader for future:

1.He is profitable for last one or more year.

2.Last one year Drawdown is not more than 40%

3.Not use Martingale, grid, Averaging , Algo type trading.

4.Trade with long term trading system.

5.Not open more than 10-15 trades at the same time.

6.Not use small Take profit. Take profit more than 30 pips on an average.

7.Stop Loss must used or hide no matter but used.

8.Lot size always same not vary today 1 lot size tomorrow 2 lot size not recommended.

9.Too much growth means risky Trader.Average 50% more or less yearly is the indication of safe trader.

10.Scalper never make  profit for you consistently.Today or tomorrow he will burn. Same talking for martingale,grid etc Trader.