Flat Pattern

Flat Pattern

Flat Pattern


Flats are very common forms of corrective patterns, which generally show a sideways direction. Waves A
and B of the Flat are both corrective patterns. Wave C on the contrary is an impulsive pattern. Normally
wave C will not go beyond the end of wave A.


Rules and guidelines

It is composed of 3 waves.
• Wave C is an impulse, wave A and B are corrective.
• Wave B retraces more then 61.8% of A.
• Wave B often shows a complete retracement to the end of the previous impulse wave.
• Wave C shouldn’t go beyond the end of A.
• Normally wave C is at least equal to A.
In which wave
It occurs mostly in B waves, though also quite common in 4 and 2.


Internal structure

As mentioned before a Flat consists of 3 waves. The internal structure of these waves is 3-3-5. Both
waves A and B normally are Zigzags.

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