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1.Don’t rely on your broker for trading advice.

2.Remember, trading and investing is a skill—be patient.

3.Continually practice the art of focusing on the present moment (it’s hard to do). Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow—focus on the now.

4.Manually keep excellent records of all your transactions.

5.Eliminate negative distractions while working.

6.Enjoy the process.

7.Don’t listen to financial news during business hours.

8.Use one trading and financial approach and follow it consistently.

9.Don’t have lofty and unrealistic expectations.

10.Focus on your skills when you are not meeting your performance expectations.

11.Don’t read newspapers for trading information.

12.If you feel sick, don’t trade until you feel better.

13.If you feel emotionally upset, don’t trade until you are more stable.

14.If you have a specific problem that is distracting you, don’t trade.

15.Resist the temptation to form opinions about each trade.

16.Eliminate any opinions you may have about the market.

17.Keep your mind clear and focused.

The goal is to create a clear mind, free of distractions and opinions. The markets are a living system, much like humans are, and as a result are unpredictable.The only way you can successfully profit in the markets is to stop trying to predict the unpredictable. Like a tail on a dog, just follow the markets. When they go up, go with them. When they go down, go with them. When they are doing nothing, do nothing.