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H4 entry from D1 Support and Resistance Trading System


For this trading system we need to indicator one is arrow signal indicator and another is support resistance indicator.

Current Time Frame need to set H4 and only only H4

When you set my template on your chart automatically we will see D1 timeframe support and resistance.

If not clear try to see our picture .

Picture will help you to clear everything’s.

When you set our template please try to check the indicator setting (Support and resistance indicator),after set the template.

If timeframe show 0 please change like 0 to 1440.

Confirm by check.

If you show 1440 timeframe that means any current timeframe you will see D1 support and resistance.

Our vision to show D1 support and resistance in any current timeframes.

We will set it on H4 timeframe.So our current timeframe is H4 but our support and resistance level is from D1 timeframe.

Current Timeframe : H4

When Buy :We make buy entry when arrow signal will come on the D1 support level. In this picture we see 4 buy arrow signal. We indicate it by red circle. Another two signal is sell signal from resistance area. These two circle also is red in color. 

When Sell:

It is similar to buy. It is vice versa of the buy entry.

It is very clear that we make sell from D1 resistance area.

In this picture we find two white circle (signal arrow) come for sell entry.


Where our stop loss:

It is just 6/8 pips behind or above the signal arrow.

Take Profit:

2/3 times of the stop loss. Breakeven we can use after 2 times of our profit.

If our stop loss 30 pips. Our profit target will be 60-90 pips.

It is the excellent system of price action.

How much Accuracy you could not imagine. It may 80%+ 

Risk ratio is very high.