How and who move the Price

Who and How Move the Market

Supply and Demand

It is very important to understand the concept behind price because it is going to
help us in future with not only this but all the others trading system, so what the
secrete why price move and do it up and down thing what is here that move price
and the answer is it move only because of supply and demand.

You will find supply and demand in any financial concept or any market to our
grocery to real state the price of certain thing only moves because of suplly and
For example if there is a heavy demand and low supply of certain ice cream the
price of that ice cream will be increase by the merchant to earn more money
because the supply is greater than demand.


Vice versa we do have a lower price if supply > demand, because now we have wide
spread of supply and can choose the ice cream with lowest price.
Merchants needs to lower price to stay competitive and be able to sell his ice

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