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In this section I will show you how to earn money from your investment without any forex knowledge step by step.

For starting forex trading first you need the following requirements:

1.Payment Gateway for deposit and withdraw Money from From forex Broker.

2. One reliable and well regulated forex Broker.

3.Copy Trading platform

4.A successful copy Trader master who making money for long time with secure system.

All  instruction I will give you here for your trading success step by step. 

Step 1

First you need one payment method like skrill or perfectmoney as your digital wallet. Which will help you to deposit and withdraw money from your forex broker.

In this case my preference is perfectmoney. Now a days many  forex brokers support perfectmoney.Although most of the broker support neteller or skrill but now a days huge scam report are available for neteller and skrill. Remember please neteller and skrill is not safe now a days .For Perfectmoney wallet making just click here and make account.

For all work performed or for verification all of your account must you need the following Documents

1.ID Card/Passport(For Name Verification)

2.Utility Bill/Bank or card Statement/Utility bill(For Address Verification)

Step 2:

Now it is your time to select one forex broker. For selection of a good and reliable broker you  need to go now cashback forex site

Why I ask to go there. In this platform You can see some forex broker list. When you open a account through their website they also pay you some rebate. For every trade broker take some pips then this cashback forex will back to your account. It  is extra Benefit for you. They always provide good and well regulated broker.

Step 3:

Most important part. Now you can register with a copy Trading Platform. Here I represent the world largest  copy trading platform named mql5

Completely it will change your life.

After registration of this web platform, now it is your time to select a trader, who can make your portfolio safe first. After that, trade for you safely and give positive pips everyday. I will show you a long term successful trader who make profit consistantly for longer period of time.

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Check this account.It is more reliable trader who making profit everyday with minimum draw down with a small amount of risk.This account maintain proper money management system.  

Choose this account for  copy trading. I think it will give us profit like as past performance. I put it  here after analysis of their Trading style. 

How you identify that this trader is safe for copy Trading? Or how do we think that this trader is perfect for us?
Is this trader is safe for future ?
Answer is here