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How to Use SSG Bline Indicator - Forex Trading
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How to use SSG Bline Indicator

SSG Bline indicator is completely non-Repaint and trend following indicator. If you can use it properly it will forex asset for.

I will show here how to use it powerfully. How to make money by this indicator.

When you use it on your mt4 platform alone I think it is valueless. But when you are combined with another one indicator Border Line it will work as super money maker.

Above the picture 6 signals appeared on  by the SSG Bline Indicator.But 4 signal is valid and another 2 signal is not valid.

Signal 1: This signal is not valid because in case of sell signal price must need to stay on the upper channel of Border line or nearly but in this scenario we found price is near the lower band.

Signal 2: It is valid because price is nearly the lower band of the border line channel.

Signal 3:This sell signal is valid due to its price is on the upper border line channel.

Signal 4: This Buy signal is valid because price is nearly lower border when buy signal appeared.  

 Signal 5:This is invalid sell signal because when we see the sell sign that time price was nearly the lower band.

Signal 6:That was another perfect Long entry opportunity because that time market price moved from lower border.

By this system when you use our SSG Bline indicator it will perfect more or less 80% time.

Where are the stop loss: It is behind the ssg line.

Take profit :When buy entry it is upper border line and when sell entry lower channel of the border line.