Market Analysis 27/01/2021


1.D1 uptrend strength reduced by strong resistance area.

2.D1 and H4 both chart market is overbought and retraced from strong resistance level.

3.On H4 chart trend line acted as resistance level.

4.On D1 chart price rejection recently by three candle to go up.


1.Market trend on D1 is sharply up.Now trying to retraced from 50% fibo level.

2.This fibo is also the support line on d1 chart.

3.On D1 chart trend support is nearly the horizontal support.

4.On H4 chart downtrend channel breakout for to go up. 

5.On H4 chart price rejection from the lower part of the border line Indicator acted as strong support.

Market Analysis 26/01/2021

On H4 chart it should to go down:


1.D1 market trend till now is down for long time.

2.From H4 it is near the horizontal resistance.

3.EMA 200 acted as a dynamic resistance.

4.50% fibo act as strong resistance.

5.It is the upper part of the downtrend channel.

6.Stochestic and RSI shown over bought on H4 chart.

7.When you think for trend line it also acted as resistance.



It is buy scenario on D1 chart

1.trendline breakout.

2.oversold market.

3.previous trend line till now act as support.

Yesterday candle close as abandoned baby bullish.

When you investor for long term goal it is time make buy entry here.

After exit the 1.2820

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Chart EURGBP, H4, 2021.01.04 08:25 UTC, InstaForex Group, MetaTrader 4, Real

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