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Smart Haiken Ashi with Ichimuko Trading System - Forex Trading

Smart Haiken Ashi with Ichimuko Trading System

Smart Haiken Ashi With Ichimuko trading System

For this Trading system we need only two Indicator Named:

1.Ichimuko Kinko Hyo and

2.Smart Haiken Ashi(SSG HA Signal

3.Eagle I Dashboad (This indicator only for changing windows or chart easily by click on this)

Time Frame :

H4 is best for relax trading (Day Trading)with this system.

But H1 is acceptable.

D1 is for most secured Trading and for long term position trading.


Buy Entry Rules:

1.Cloud is below the market.

2.Up kumo Formed (Senkou Span A is upside and Senkou Span B is downside).

3.Minimum 2 green bar create upside of the cloud.

4.These two green bar nearly the upside of cloud.

Better just going to upside by crossing the cloud.

Not Trade when market gone very far from the Cloud that means already overbought by your eyes.

Flat market means when market moved within a range like this picture(Red Box) not trade. 

    1.It is very far from cloud. 

    2.Market is inside the cloud.Market inside the cloud means market is ranging or consolidated.

Sell Entry Rules:

This picture is the ideal point for short(sell) entry .


1.Market gone to below the cloud just  by crossing now.

Entry point is the nearly the Senkou Span B.

It is not so far from Senkou Span B line. 

It is the white bar that amount is more than two.


When market gone to inside the cloud no need to take any entry.Because it is ranging indication of the market.

Stop Loss and Take Profit:

1.Stop Loss just recent swing low (During Buy) or High(During Sell).

2.Previous Green bar top during sell entry.

Previous White Bar bottom during Buy entry.

3.Previous Senkou Span B line during Sell Entry.

Previous Senkou Span A line During Buy entry.

All is depend on market condition and your experience along with money management system.

Take Profit you can use 1:1 ratio of you stop loss.

can wait upto next support or resistance area. 

My preference when market will flat from trendy condition we can exit from our trade.

Download This template for trading witn this system.

Haiken Ashi with Ichimuko Trading System


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