The only thing that makes this strategy very powerful and able to change a person’s financial state is it’s ability to produce positive results on a consistent basis, consistency is what makes a successful trader , if you are able to grow your investment with small amounts on a daily basis , you’ve got power to achieve which ever amount you wish to make , I will give you an example on how powerful consistency is.
Let me give you a very powerful system of making money on a consistent continuous basis that I teach to my student.

If you were to fund your account with about 100$ and make 5% of your initial investment everyday for 5 days that is 25$ in a week and in a month you’ll be having 100$ that means you would have doubled your account in that month , now if you were to do this process for 12 months your account would be in large numbers in no time. Below is a table of illustration to show how much you would have assuming that this process was to be followed precisely.

As you can see this very profitable system works wonders if properly applied , though sometimes it may take you more than a month to double your money sometimes less than a month , due to some unforeseen circumstances but you just have to keep striving to go forward eventually you’ll reach your destination.

Now that you realize how simple making money could be and if you follow and apply what is in this book making money and attaining financial freedom could become simple by using this powerful system of 5% a day . Honestly people make trading forex confusing because they seek assurance of not failing and my objective is to try to simplify it to a degree that you can move out of the state of confusion.

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