Trade Account Analysis:

 User Name :                    fxpipsgainer5


Account age:                     32 weeks

Total Gain:                        52926

ROI:                                   102%(Not much or not small at all that means

                                         drive his account smoothly)  


Winning Trades:                 68%(more than 50% but ultimately profitable)

Till now Maximum DD :      29%

AVG Trade Holding Time:   3 Days



We can see here from his trade history every trade he closed more or less 40+ pips. That means this trader is not scalper.

He never increased his lot size. That means he is not martingale or grid trader.

Small DD means he is fully conscious about his money management.

He always put his TP and Stop Loss more carefully but hidden. 

 For these Trading consistency he can put our money with him for trading. He always use major currency pair not to go unpredictable pair at all.