Trend Following Scalping Trading Strategy

Trend Following Scalping Trading Strategy:

Time Frame:M15

Trend Filtering:

When Take buy must H1 and H4 have to uptrend.

When take sell entry must  H1 and H4 have to downtrend.


1.Border Line indicator

2.Signal Arrow

3.Multi Timeframe Trend detector

When Buy.

Price must come to Lower channel the border line.

H1 and H4 trend must be Up.

Signal Arrow appears on the Lower Channel of Border line.

 If arrow appears upper portion of border line and price not touch the border line, before 2/3 candles of  arrow  not take entry.

In this Picture the point 1 is valid sell entry signal because-

#Down Arrow arise on the top of the border line indicator(That means arrow appeared on the upper channel of the border line indicator)

#In the below window we shown H1 and H4 trend is down. It is Multi time Frame trend detector Indicator.

It is valid entry Signal  

In that above picture the 2 is not perfect entry because all is fulfill but entry candle is very long. For this long candle need to use large stop loss. In that case when such kind of candle arise on entry level, better to escape from entry.

Arrow number 4 and 5 is Up arrow but Multi timeframe trend detector Indicator shown down for H1 and H4 time frame. For that reason 4 and 5 entry is totally invalid.

Here only 6 no arrow is valid for buy entry. because

# Up Arrow appeared on the lower channel of the border line.

#H1 and H4 trend is up

#It is enough to take a buy entry from here.

No need to think the D1 or W1 trend (Last 2 lines of Multi Timeframe Trend Detector) 

1,2,3,4,5 is totally invalid entry because of the up trend of H1 and H4 trend (Indicated below the Multi timeframe Trend detector Indicator)

7 is up arrow but price is not to come the lower channel of the border line. Price must need to come lower border line channel in the near past time.( Before the arrow appeared Previous few candles must need to stay on the lower channel Border line)

In this picture arrow 1 we can take sell entry but entry candle some large. It is better to escape this entry. But can take.

Arrow 2 is good sign for go to up but H1 and H4 trend is down. So we can not take this buy entry.

Where Sell :

I think already it covered where need to sell on the above picture and discussion.


Where the stop loss:

Just 2/3 pips above or below the arrow.

Incase of buy entry stop loss will need to put behind the arrow.

In case of sell entry stop loss need to put 2/3 pips above the arrow. 


Take profit:

Incase of buy entry it is the twice of stop loss or when market gone or touch the upper channel of the border line.

Incase of sell entry it is the twice of stop loss or when market gone or touch the lower channel of the border line.