How do you decide between drawing in line or zones

Now you can make another question

Do you draw in your lines through the candle closes(body closes) or candle wicks?

 Always debated by traders                            

There are three ways to draw a level(Support and Resistance).

                #1st way using just a single line (make sure all reversal points are touching).  

                # 2nd way Draw in multiple lines for all candle closes(body)nearly same level.

 The problem with this method it is messy,clutters up your chart,and you end up confusing yourself.

#3rd and preferred method is drawing in a zone to represent an area of support and resistance.

                                  By this way we can solve our problem we have both candle closes(body) and wicks covered.

It does not matter whether you draw in lines or zones, because they both represent areas of support or resistance. Meanwhile, you look for price action in the general area not at a solid number, line, or zone.

Don’t draw in massive zones, draw in smaller zones that cover the most amount of touches and points.

A large S/R area will confuse you especially once you start using multiple time frames.

It is better to create a smaller level that accommodates the most amount of touches.

Always try to keep your chart as clean as possible. More lines more indicators won’t help you make money.

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