Market Analysis 21/12/2020

Startig of this week EUR and GBP gone to under pressure. Due to spread-out of corona Virus in Europe this pressure is arised.Maximum trader consider EUR and GBP currency as a risky currency.For that reason along with corona virus infetion they also left the EUR and GBP currency and take the safest currency like JPY,CHF even USD.

USD always considered as a safe pair we seen this scenario from the march 2020 when European country as well as USA altos affected by virus.

By considering this situation we can say it is over the  time to go up for EUR and GBP. On the other hand last week  failure the Brexit negotiation between UK and EU. Although the parties say that there is still a hundred things that can be done.

Running week there are no signicant news due to cristmas and new year issue.Most of the country will celebrate Christmas Day and keep them free from trading.But in that situation USD always will be run for different parts of the world trading and business ongoing specially China,japan,Middl East.


From the above scenario we can speculate that the market is for USD.So now its the time for  the buy of USD currency.


But till today D1 is continue down for USD currency.From morning EURUSD,GBPUSD gone to low.I think for near future it will go for safe short entry.



EURUSD till now continue uptrend on the timeframe of D1.So we can make one buy from this point from M30 for few pips.But fundamentally EUR and GBP week and going to week

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