SHBL Band Trading System is organized on the basis of Price action  and Trend Trading .

SHBL is the meaning of Sell High and Buy Low from Band.

Requirement for this Trading System



Border Line Indicator

MTF MACD Indicator 


Higher timeframe  H1 ,H4 and D1

H4 is tested with good result.

Download Template for this system from the below link

SHBL Band Trading System

SSG HA Signal Indicator
Border Line Indicator
Border Line
MTF MACD Indicator
MTF Indicator
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Border Line Indicator consist of two band like Lower band and Upper Band.

Middle green Line is called Half Length Line.

These four Line indicate four timeframe trend  on a chart. No matter which timeframe chart is active.

Upper line(1st line) is for D1 Trend.

Then 2nd line is for H4 Trend.

3rd Line is for H1 Trend


Last or 4th Line is for M15 timeframe trend

Blue means up Trend 

and white means Down trend. 

More Details about this indicator



Buy Entry Rules1:

When Price touched to the Lower four band of the Border Line indicator we are ready and wait for make entry.

After that when made it two blue bar on SSG HA bar and come out (or not) from band we make Buy Entry.


From point 2 and 3 we can easily make buy position.

No need to see MTF indicator trend or D1 trend.

Buy rules 2:

From point 1 we also can make buy entry Because

Price is lower the Half Band.

Price near the four lower band.

D1 Trend is uptrend indicating by MTF MACD Indicator.

Two Blue Bar created on SSG HA Bar.



Not to buy on the point of 4 


two blue bar appears but not near the lower four band.

Although D1 is uptrend.

It is better to take entry more below the half length line of the Border Line Indicator.

In this area we could not take any entry because price moved near the half length line.

Summery for Buy entry rules:

When mismatched with D1 trend price must back from Lower band with minimum two blue bar.


When matched with D1 trend market or blue bar will appears near the lower band. Not near the half length line. Below the half length line but very far. Not mandatory to touch lower band. 


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