Support Turns Resistance TrendLine

In this picture we seen that one trendline acted two times  as resistance after that resistance trendline breakout and made it as support level. After a few moment (Depend on timeframe) that support breakout and price sharply gone to down. 

Here  1 is pointed for 1st resistance point,2 is another resistance point.

3 is breakout area where price act as bullish movement. After that it comeback to down and breakdown and acted as a support area.

For this kind of trading we need another confirmation like candlestick pattern or MACD confirmation. 

Above this Picture it is uptrend market with a clear trend line.

Creating 3 consecutive Higher low point that indicates three support point for this price movement.

  Three Higher low 1 ,2 and 3 is verified support point.

Point number 4 indicate the breakout of the market and that line is the new resistance line.

This kind of conversion we called turncoated Resistance line. 

In the point of 5 indicate the retest of the resistance level and confirmed for short entry.


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