WXY or Combination Pattern

WXY or Combination Pattern

WXY or Combination Pattern
WXY or Combination Pattern


Many kinds of combinations are possible. Below a rather complex example has been depicted.


A Combination combines several types of corrections. These corrections are labeled as WXY and
WXYXZ if it is even more complex. It starts for example with a Zigzag (wave W), then an intermediate X
wave, then a Flat (wave Y) and so on. A so-called double or triple three is also a Combination, but this
pattern combines Flats separated by X waves.

Rules and guidelines

All types of corrective patterns can combine to form a bigger corrective pattern.

The rules and guidelines, as mentioned for other corrective patterns apply.
• A triangle in a Combination should normally occur at the end.
• Corrective patterns in a Combination normally show alternation.


In which wave

Generally a Combination occurs mostly in B, X and 4, it is less common in A and rare in 2.

Internal structure

For example a Zigzag, followed by a Flat, followed by a Triangle has the following internal structure:

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